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The role of a chairperson on Staff 2018 exists primarily to train and develop 24 Counselors or 10 Teamers (depending on the camp) alongside their partner. Co-chairs handle "behind the scenes" logistics throughout the duration of camp, which extends from their selection in the early fall through the end of the Spring semester. Chairs are responsible for mitigating risks, facilitating counselor activities and holding members of their camp accountable with the ATC Mission and Values and all ATC policies. Each Semester the current chairs dedicate an immense amount of their time and energy to help assure that the incoming campers have the best experience possible.

T-Camp 2018 Chairs 

Camp Jackson 

Ara Matos 

Christa Howard 

Camp Smith 

Gary Shelton 

Jackie Blilie 

Camp Hoffman 

Josh Costa 

Taylor Pavalock 

Camp Rosser 

Hannah Mckenzie 

Sam Price 

Camp Goodman 

Ross O'Hanlon 

Kate Rowan 

Camp Flores 

Hattie Brittan 

Kevin Levengood 

Team Jacoby 

Morgan Tucker 

David Espinosa