Namesake Archives

ATC Namesake Archives:

From 1987-2013, Howdy Camp and T-Camp were two separate organizations. In 2013, both organizations were joined under the yearlong organization, Aggie Transition Camps.  These archives include past Namesakes that have been honored throughout the history of T-Camp and ATC. 

Howdy Camp 2018 

Drew McMillen 

Dr. Craig Rotter 

Fred Bayliss 


T-CAMP 2017

Carrie Bruch 

Billy Kennedy 

Rhonda Rahn 

Dr. Ed Rister 

Cody Schroeder 

Luke Keller 

Andrew Carruth 

Howdy Camp 2017

Trent Vanadore

Karen Allen 

Rebecca Groh

T-Camp 2016                                                     

Crytal Hudson 

Sarah Hazel McCoy 

Tobin Redwine 

Lynn Wiggs 

Dr. Jen Strong 

Michael Sandlin 

Kenneth Johnson 


Howdy Camp 2016 

Eric (Boomer) Smith

Jen Smith 

Sarah Edwards

T-Camp 2015

Dr. Jay Woodward 

Casey Gros 

Dusty Menzies 

Marcos Mendez 

Fidel Fernandez 

Ron Fox 

Jesse Hernandez 


Howdy Camp 2015

Patricia Barron 

Greg Fink 

Kyle McKracken 


T-Camp 2014

Lesley Brumfield 

Dr. Billy McKim 

Maria Ortega 

Katie Swift 

Zack Visconti 

Dr. Jen Williams 

Dr. Scott Cummings 


Howdy Camp 2014

Dr. Lisa Troy 

Tearney Woodruff 

Rusty Thompson 


T-Camp 2013

Ron Carter 

Chris Shemanski 

David DeSousa 

Rose Schmitz 

Jason Smith 

Jake Hayes 

T-Camp 2012                      

Camp Delisa Falks
Camp Stephen Caffey
Camp Evan Vestal
Camp Renee Kazmierski
Camp Michelle Gardner
Team Karen Severn 


 T-Camp 2011


Camp Kristen Harrell

Camp Christine Morgan
Camp John Siebert
Camp Trisha Gottschalk
Camp David Byrd
Team Porter Garner 


T-Camp 2010

Camp Alford
Camp Cassidy
Camp Soares
Camp Guyton
Camp Penny
Team Kipp


T-Camp 2009

Camp Spies
Camp Tatum
Camp May
Camp Sell
Camp Driver
Camp Golla
Team Arthur


T-Camp 2008

Camp Hill-Jackson
Camp Johnson
Camp Kolari
Camp Marrs
Camp McNeill
Team Boyle


T-Camp 2007

Camp Bresciani
Camp Rutherford
Camp Townsend
Camp Durham
Camp Swim
Team Hopkins


T-Camp 2006

Camp Binks
Camp Litzenburg
Camp Schwartz
Camp Lacey
Camp Lane
Camp Hirsch
Team Riley


T-Camp 2005

Camp Bass
Camp Strawser
Camp Novak
Camp Stratta
Camp Boettcher
Camp Garner
Team Tucker


T-Camp 2004

Camp Page
Camp Eldin
Camp Claassen
Camp Easterly
Camp Fleitas
Camp Butler
Team Maciel


T-Camp 2003

Camp Gray
Camp Dunsford
Camp Vastano
Camp Rigsby
Camp Copeland
Camp Hirsch
Team Hildreth


T-Camp 2002

Camp Schoen
Camp Real
Camp Reed
Camp Vinson
Camp Krammer
Camp Dewald
Team Hogg


T-Camp 2001

Camp Manning
Camp Wolfe
Camp Albrecht
Camp Scott
Camp Street
Camp Ward
Team Huebner


T-Camp 2000

Camp McDaniel
Camp Rosser
Camp Amend
Camp Smith
Camp Novak
Camp Glenn
Team Robinson


T-Camp 1999

Camp Eide
Camp Fillio
Camp Marshal
Camp Bartoskewitz
Camp Swanson
Camp McDaniel
Team Wolfe


T-Camp 1998

Camp Agnor
Camp Nigro
Camp Zank
Camp Holcomb
Team Dunn


T-Camp 1997

Camp Lupton
Camp Lamb
Camp Bailey
Camp Savell
Camp Kozik
Camp Romero
Team Goodwin


T-Camp 1996

Camp Terry
Camp Gerling
Camp Packard
Camp Arizpe
Camp Lacey
Camp Ashley
Camp Reed
Camp Harvey
Camp Wylie
Camp Goforth
Camp Greene
Team Williams


T-Camp 1995

Camp Orozco (Daniel)
Camp Carter
Camp Dookwah
Camp Dronen
Camp Green
Camp Hanson
Camp Mendoza
Camp Oxley
Camp Watson
Team Matson


T-Camp 1994

Camp Alexander
Camp Gage
Camp Hill
Camp Knight
Camp Melton
Camp Parrish
Camp Ploehn
Camp Reveille VI
Camp Sandars
Camp Toler
Camp Wood
Camp Zimmermann


T-Camp 1993

Camp Larke
Camp Shannon
Camp Jones
Camp Metzer
Camp Margo
Camp Dunn
Camp Fowler
Camp Goodman
Camp Claborn
Camp Welch


T-Camp 1992

Camp Kubiak
Camp Milford
Camp Hoyle
Camp Matson
Camp Bland
Camp Cashion
Camp James
Camp Jeter
Camp Kibler
Camp Mobley


T-Camp 1991

Camp Hickey
Camp Reveille
Camp Johnson
Camp Winniford
Camp Coapland
Camp Oliver


T-Camp 1990

Camp Davis Gary
Camp Walton
Camp Dunn
Camp Mosher
Camp Wells
Camp Crocker


T-Camp 1989

Camp Carreathers
Camp Koldus
Camp Sasse
Camp Adair
Camp Southerland
Camp Hudson


T-Camp 1988

Camp Cairo
Camp Klingston
Camp Malibu
Camp Sydney


T-Camp 1987

Camp Cain
Camp Kyle
Camp Olsen
Camp Simpson